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The Story (Please Read)

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The Story (Please Read) Empty The Story (Please Read)

Post  Queen Bit-chan on Mon May 17, 2010 4:22 am

It is the 113th year of the Darkening Age. The past century has seen the loosening of the tentative peace of the various kingdoms, and the world now seems to be entering into a full blown age of darkness and war. In the 112th year, the Dwarves were finally forced out of their homes and tunnels in the north and east by the Drow after almost four decades of fighting. They have scattered, trying to preserve what remains of their race, and have taken refuge in various human cities through the land.

The Drow are a war-like nation, and are utterly ruthless in their tactics. It is only now, after the Dwarves have suffered and lost so much, that the other races realize the growing threat. The humans are the most worried, for their lands stand to have the most to lose. The (largely benevolent) elves choose to fight only for the sake of the other races (for they do not fear their dark cousins), and the dragon-kin- detached from the world as they have always been- have seen it fit to offer their services so that the social balance can be restored.

So now, the armies of each nation have come together at the fortress-town of Mirenia to discuss their next course of action. Each nation has also provided either an ambassador or general (or both) in order to speak for each race. Until plans are made, the soldiers can only wait, and fight in a few skirmishes with errant Drow (or the monsters created by them) that occur outside of the fortress gates.

But armies are not the only ones fighting this war. In times of trouble, there has always been the Order of Five Stars to call upon. While each army is, in the end, fighting only for it's own survival (and it is merely coincidence that allows them to fight the same enemy), the Order has always been dedicated to all of the races, interested in only keeping peace and order to all of the kingdoms. This specialized group consists of members from every race, and they are trained equally in peaceful negotiation and in fighting. Because of their typically reclusive nature, the general and ambassadors from the other countries tread carefully around them.

Armies have been station in Mirenia for just over a week now, just enough time to settle into the fortress and the small town that surrounds it. From here on, everything is up to you.


This, of course, is where you- our lovely RPers- come in. This is a story driven by everyone's efforts. It's up to members and mods alike to decide what happens.

So, now, I bid you good luck, and have fun!

(Questions or comments, please feel free to PM a mod/admin, or post in the Questions/Comments thread)
Queen Bit-chan
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