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The Drow/Dark Elves

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The Drow/Dark Elves Empty The Drow/Dark Elves

Post  Queen Bit-chan on Mon May 17, 2010 10:55 pm

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Physical characteristics:
Drow have dark skin, ranging from purples and blues to almost black browns. There are lighter skin tones of the 'purer' children and these people are usually refereed to as Dral'lan by the Drow.

Drow's eye color denotes their family, as clans will tend to have similar colors with in but that differ from other clans. Their eyes are bright almost neon colors, and even glow in the dark.

Drow are a tall and slender race, similar in body structure to their elven cousins. Standing between six and seven feet. Female's chests tend to be large in comparison to other races, and their legs long. Male bodies have as much range as humans, they retain the height of their race, but they anything from lanky to muscular. Drow have the potential to live for upwards 400 or 500 years, but because of their violent nature, few ever reach that advanced age. The prime of a Drow's live is around 200 years old, give or take a decade or two.

The Dral'lan are much the same as the Drow, and are not seen as different by any other race. Though they are more closely related to the Elves. They are not as tainted by the dark magics of their people. Their skins are a light gray, their eyes are softer colors powdery and pastels.

Abilities: Dark Elves are able to see exceptionally well in the dark, as they live in the underground and it is a necessity. Journey's to the surface can often cause blindness as they are unable to adapt quickly to the harsh sun light. Though it is not impossible or even unheard of, as there are Drow who live on the surface in other Kingdoms. They tend to be nocturnal, but generations born on the surface are capable of venturing out in daylight.


History: Dark Elven blood comes from the tainted and evil elves of old. Driven back by their peace-loving cousins, the black magic they used has turned them into a completely different race. Changing their appearance, dispositions, and general attributes usually attributed to Elves.

Presently: The Drow have neither land nor Kingdom to call their own. They live in the abandoned underground ruins of the Dwarves, and are in a constant war with them over the tunnels, cities, and resources.

Religion: The Drow worship a mother Goddess, Vandreall, who gave birth to the darkness and the demons that inhabit their underworld.

Technology: Drow technology is powered by mana,
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