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Roanel of the Order

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Roanel of the Order Empty Roanel of the Order

Post  Frozen Rose on Thu May 20, 2010 11:49 pm

Name: Roanel (last names are surrendered once joining the Order)
Race: Human
Age: 32
Sex: Male
Homeland/Affiliation: Previously of Norasis, Thern, now with the Order of Five Stars

Appearance: Roanel stands at about five foot eleven inches; on the shortish side, but he is lean and it makes him look slightly taller than he actually is. He is crowned with dusty blonde hair and surprisingly verdant green eyes. Roanel has a long face with a strong-ish jaw line, with hair falling into his eyes and past his ears, almost to his shoulder blades. He is considerably slighter than a typical fighter, though he is capable of holding his own in combat. In the end, though, he is more suited to study.

As with most of the Order knights, Roanel wears simple clothes, well made but in somber tones. The knights can be easily identified by their navy capes, which is poncho-like in the front, cutting off at mid-torso, and cloak-like in the back with a loose hood.

Personality: Roanel is quiet, though not necessarily reserved. After having been offered up to the Order for political reasons, he has grown into something of an introvert and suffers from a small but constantly nagging feeling of inferiority. He therefore strives to excel in all that he does, though he often falls short when it comes to battle. His skills are mostly of the intellectual variety, and his tongue has been whetted to be sharper and more precise than a knife, when he does choose to speak. Over all, Roanel has an enormous big-brother complex. He's pretty sure that Carreth doesn't even remember that he exists, which pains him, but it's a fact he intellectually accepts, even if his heart strives for better-than perfection in an effort to be noticed.

Bio: Roanel is the younger fraternal twin brother of Carreth, born to the king and queen of Norasis. To avoid any potential issues regarding inheritance, Roanel was sent to the Order at a very young age, stripped of his status as prince to be come a knight. He therefore, as with all initiates, was put to training his mind and body, discovering early on that his love for books and education outweighed his skill in combat. At only the age of 32, he is a well-respected member of the Order and is known for his strong insight.

He tries to avoid going 'home' to Norasis, and only returns when the kingdom is in particularly dire need. For many years, he was therefore able to remain away, but with the invasion of the Drow, the mountain people have been seeing more and more conflict, and his presence has been required more than a few times in recent years. Even when fighting for the people of Thern, he has never quite felt like a native Norasian. He does enjoy, however, somewhere deep inside of him, getting to see his brother, the other half of him that he never got to knew, likes seeing how he's changed since their last acquaintance. Even when they are within the same building, Carreth never seems to notice him, but that's a fact he's long gotten over. He is now devoted to driving the invading Drow forces back, permitted to join the main task force due to his respected position within the Order.

Weapons: Roanel has no great love of weaponry, but manages to do tolerably well with a simple side-sword, useful for both thrusting and cutting, having a tendency for making short, quick attacks before pulling back. Sometimes, however, the field of battle does not allow for such fancy footwork, so it is helpful that his sword is as capable of taking and giving heavy blows as it is useful for a more fencing-like style. As of late, he's taken to carrying a knife in his boot and a short back-up sword, considering the increase in danger with the Drow invasions.

Other: Like all of the members of the Order of Five Stars, Roanel has a pentacle tattoo somewhere on his body. His happens to be on his upper-back left shoulder blade.
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