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The Elves ('True Elves')

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The Elves ('True Elves') Empty The Elves ('True Elves')

Post  Queen Bit-chan on Mon May 17, 2010 8:40 am

Physical characteristics: The Elves are considered to be the most physically attractive race. Thin and lithe, elves usually stand at an average of 6 feet, both males and females. While elves typically have light colored hair, skin, and eyes, there have been known individuals with a darker coloration. They are most easily defined by their lithe bodies and pointed ears, which vary in length on an individual basis. They rarely develop bulky muscles, unless an individual works hard to achieve such a body-type. Their eyes are large and almond-shaped, set in long, elegant faces. They have a faint glow to their skin, which is especially noticeable in the dark. Like the Orobai, elves are effectively immortal, and death only comes to them from mortal injury or magical/poison contamination. Because they live so long, they have a very low birthrate with almost no children having been born in the last three centuries, and an elf is not considered an adult until they reach 500 at least.

Abilities: The elves have the quickest reflexes of all of the races, and are more physically strong than humans, though, relative to size, dwarves are more physically strong than elves. Because of their pure nature, they are very susceptible to poisons and dark magic, though they have a quick natural healing rate, and have a remarkable willpower. Their peaceful nature keeps them from conflict as much as possible, though they are very capable fighters, preferring quick, elegant weapons and movements. Elves have exceptional vision and hearing, able to notice things that could be considered impossible for the human eye to see. As they live so closely with nature, they have an innate ability to 'understand' the world around them, and are able to 'speak' back to it. As a race in general, they are able to perform 'magic' only in the sense of bending certain aspects of nature to their will, but elven individuals are much more inclined to be able to wield 'greater magic' (spells, enchantments, etc) than human individuals.

Culture: The elven culture is almost as much of a mystery to humans as Dwarven or Orobai culture. Rather than the proud Dwarves and secretive Orobai, however, humans simply seem intimidated by the almost ethereal elves, and so they keep away. In any case, elven culture is based in a strong system of peace and tradition. They are almost as set in their ways as the Dwarves and the Orobai, keeping passively to their old ways. While some elves- especially the ones who have little to no contact with other races- can behave in a racially superior way, most elves are much more accommodating, behaving with courtesy (if not a little wariness) towards strangers and outsiders. Though humans keep a respectful distance from them because they perceive them as unearthly, elves are much more given to emotion than most humans believe (though, to give humans credit, elves are much more adept at hiding their emotions). Because of their long lives, they tend to live 'slowly', taking their time in almost all endeavors, from eating (and they do not need to eat as much as humans) and sleeping, to courting and debating.

History: The elves have been almost changeless for thousands of years. The forests of Eascaea largely belong to them, but their main city is in Istion, the tree city in the south west forest. It reaches on for miles, and is considered to be the pinnacle of elven culture. To the north there is the smaller city, Athlene, and though it is well respected in elven culture, it is more 'open' to outsiders than Istion (which really isn't saying much). The elves of Athlene have a simpler way of life than the elves of Istion, though one would be hard pressed to say that the elves of Istion are at all separated from nature (though the elves of Istion live in constructed houses, which coexist with the forest).

Presently: The elves stand the least to lose in the Drow invasion, as they are the most easily matched to that dark race in terms of skill. However, they realize that it would be an act of cruelty to allow the other races to simply perish at Drow hands, and despite the fact that many elves see themselves as culturally superior (or at least, do not see themselves on the same level as humans and dwarves), they are not typically given to cruelty, and so they have offered their services to ensure that the Drow to not gain more power than they already have.

Religion: The elves practice religions separate from the human or dwarven pantheons, worshiping gods in direct correlation with nature, giving anthropomorphic qualities to the moon, sun, water, tress and so on. Rather than expressly worshiping these 'gods', however, the elves venerate and live closely with 'them', and honor them by keeping care of their forests and nature in general. It varies from elven cluster to cluster, but some elves continue this tradition into such practices as keeping a strict vegetarian diet, or tattooing their bodies with cultural patterns, though these tend to be more life-style choices than cultural imperatives.

Technology: The elves are the least technologically advanced of the races, excepting the Orobai. Because almost everything they do is in relation to the nature around them, the rely on only what their own hands can create, so that there is no upset of natural balance. Even in Istion, where the elves live in elegant houses, they use nothing more than simple tools to ensure that they do not destroy anything accidentally.
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