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The Order of Five Stars

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The Order of Five Stars

Post  Frozen Rose on Wed May 19, 2010 9:46 am

The Order has existed, time out of mind, as a group of mediators set apart from the other four kingdoms, created for the purposes of settling disputes between the races. They are usually the first to initiate negotiations for peace and are often called upon to offer unbiased wisdom to rulers and common folk alike when objectivity is compromised by personal feelings. Composed of members from all races, the Order holds no allegiances to any particular kingdom, remaining impartial observers in the event of dispute within or between kingdoms.

During times of peace, the Order devotes itself to the cultivation of the mind, body and spirit. Rather than practicing a certain theology specific to any one race, the members have, over the years, come to embrace a kind of all-encompassing belief system comprised of the ideas of the many religions found across Eascaea. The result is a unifying - if slightly vague - and freeing spiritual way of life, rather than simply a religious observation.
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