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In the Beginning

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In the Beginning

Post  Queen Bit-chan on Sat May 29, 2010 4:44 am

Marionette walked along the outer most wall, her eyes switching between the courtyard and the fields. She was being led by just another ordinary guard. No one special, but she was someone special. She was the ambassador from Salena, the hilly city of Indica. A place she neither love nor hated. She was the eyes, ears, and the deadly knife of Indica's Queen. Of course she hid her espionage skills, and acted the part of a lady. Sent to make sure that Indica's warriors were not thrown out as meat shields to the monstrous Drow.

Once her tour was complete Mari took a book and sat at the base of the courtyard's statue of whatever god this kingdom worshiped as their patron god/goddess. It mattered not to the ambassador as her eyes scanned her surroundings.

The fort was well equipped, men--warriors-- from all nations and races, food enough to feel said men, and all that the stingy nobles could want. Other than that it was a normal fort, just like any other fort. And nothing that peeked her interest.
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