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Post  Commander Fei on Thu May 20, 2010 7:43 am

Despite the relative isolation among many of the races, it is not unheard of for certain so called half-breeds to crop up every now and then. The characteristics of half-breeds can be volatile at best, and it's difficult to say what parent a child is more likely to take after.

The following "combinations" are possible:

Elf-Human: The most common of the "half-breeds". Much, much shorter lived than normal elves, with an 'average' lifespan of about 150 years. Like elves, they are not capable of growing facial hair, but they can develop more muscular bodies, as humans can. Their ears can be either pointed or un-pointed, and they will usually be tall for a human, and short for an elf. Unfortunately, these children are incapable of being born with the ability to use magic, but they have slightly faster reflexes than normal humans, and slightly better eyesight. A half-elf will usually choose to live with humans, because they don't live nearly as long as elves are able to, and it's easier for them to adjust to human-life.

Human-Dwarf: Because of complications often associated with birth, half-dwarves rarely live through childhood, as their more brittle human bones are not usually capable of keeping their strong bodies in the proper condition. However, the few half-dwarves that do exist are sturdy creatures indeed (usually inheriting more dwarven bones and characteristics). Half-dwarves are usually around five feet tall, sometimes a little taller, and while not as sturdy looking as full dwarves, they are more densely boned than humans. They usually fit in better with dwarven society than human society, but it's usually not hard for a half-dwarf to pass off as a human.

Elf-Drow: By far the rarest of the half-bred children. There have only ever been a few Elf-Drow children in recorded history. Most of them come from unions between Drow who have given up Drow life to live more peacefully in the elven lands, and so, these children do not tend to be as violent as typical Drow (they are, however, more inherently aggressive or assertive than typical elves). Rather than pale (Elvish) or dark (Drow) skin, half-drow are always born pure white, a recessive gene in the Drow genome that always presents itself in such a child. Their hair is always pure black, as well. These half-drow tend to live to be about 200 to 300 years old, which is actually almost as long as the average Drow. Unlike Human-Elf children, half-drow are always born with the ability to use magic. Their bodies, however, are very frail, almost sickly, and they cannot ever be in direct sunlight without being covered head-to-toe in thick, dark clothes. Because their Drow parent is (almost always) a Drow exile, these children would be killed on sight if seen by a 'true' Drow, and because of how much the Drow are mistrusted by other races, they find it hard to really fit in anywhere. This is why, in all of history, these half-drow have always joined or been given at birth to the Order.

No Orobai has ever mated outside of its race, and being descended from dragons, it would not be possible for them to produce a child. Elves and dwarves cannot produce children because of their extraordinarily different genetic make-up. Additionally, any part-elf child must have the elf as their father, as only a "pure"-bred elf child would be able to survive the several year-long duration of an elven woman's natural pregnancy.

(Please note that no one will be allowed to have a half-breed character as one of their first two characters. We will be happy to allow you such a character if you prove to be an active and contributing member. Think of them as a reward.)
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