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Carreth Edren of Thern Empty Carreth Edren of Thern

Post  Commander Fei on Thu May 20, 2010 11:02 pm

Name: Carreth Edren of Thern
Race: Human
Age: 32
Sex: Male
Homeland/Affiliation: Norasis, Thern; Crown Prince of Thern; Acting King of Thern
Appearance: Carreth stands at an even six feet tall, slightly taller than his twin brother, but has stronger-set shoulders, and so he appears to be a little larger than his younger twin than he actually is. His hair is a shade darker than Roanel's, as well, almost a brown/blond, depending on the light. Unlike his brother's, Carreth's hair is cropped close to his head, more practical for a man who spends much of his time fighting. He also usually has something of a five o'clock shadow, usually from not caring to shave. One feature he shares exactly with his twin, however, are his eyes, which are the same verdant green as Roanel's, set in a slightly broader, more rugged face.

Like the rest of the Thernese people, Carreth doesn't bother with extravagant clothes. While of slightly finer material than the average person, he prefer simple cut, practical clothes, suited to the harsh weather and lifestyle of living in Thern.

Personality: While Carreth isn't exactly laid back, he's not adverse to keeping time for himself when he wants it. While he's never come off as lazy, and never shirks his duties to Thern, there are times when he'd much rather be training with a sword, or riding down to the plains the surround Thern. More often than not, he finds himself stressed, worrying for his kingdom (which has always had to work its hardest to merely survive, and which now faces the threat of the Drow), and he often tries to cover that feeling up with sometimes snarky, sometimes sharp words. Everyone in his kingdom understands his plight, however, and they don't hold it against him in the slightest.

At the moment, he's reluctant to take the throne from his mother, despite being ready for it, because all he wants to do is do his best to keep his kingdom safe, and he's not sure if he's better suited to that job as its king, or as something else. Despite what his mother calls 'flighty' behavior (well, flighty for a man of Thern; one can't really afford being too flighty in that environment), he really does care very, very much about his kingdom and people, and wants to make sure that he is perfectly ready before taking the throne from his mother. Above everything, he would do anything for them.

In regards to Roanel, though he has only see the man- his twin- a handful of times since they were separated, he's never managed to shake a certain over-protective closeness that he feels towards him. He can tell that Roanel thinks that he doesn't think highly of him, but he does, really. It's just that that respect is often overshadowed by other problems, and his twin (and the rest of the Order), usually only show up in the worst of situations, making it hard to re-forge any sort of brotherly affection.

Bio: Carreth's early life didn't go quite the way most do. Born a fraternal twin to the king and queen of Thern, even Carreth's young mind was able to comprehend how very important Roanel was to him. The two were inseparable, but Carreth always took a more dominant role, and by the time they were five or six, their parents could tell that it was Carreth who would make a better king. So, in order to spare Roanel the pain of being the second, overlooked prince, they sent him off to the Order, to train as one of their knights. It took a few years for Carreth to get over the separation anxiety, but eventually childhood memories were buried as he had to start focusing more on his job as the eventual king of a just-barely surviving kingdom.

When Carreth was 16, his father passed away, and his mother took the throne until he was ready to do so. Like all of the women of Thern, she was a strong, independent woman, and was very noble in air and deed. She continued to make sure that Carreth would grow into the perfect king, never easy on him but obviously proud of him.

At 32 years old, now, Carreth is effectively the acting king of Thern, though for reasons his mother cannot quite grasp, he has yet to officially claim the title. When the alliance was called to deal with the Drow threat, he jumped at the chance to represent Thern as both it's ambassador, ruler, and general (though the official Thernese general also accompanied Carreth to the Mirenia fortress).

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