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Post  Queen Bit-chan on Mon May 17, 2010 8:40 am

Physical characteristics: Along with Dwarves, Humans are the most diverse species, physically. In terms of height, human men average at around 5'11, and women at around 5'6 (though there have been rumors of men who are almost as short as dwarves, or tall enough to be giants). Hair color, eye color, skin color- making almost every human completely unique. Humans live an average of 75 years, with the oldest human having died at 122 years old.

Abilities: Unlike many of the other races, humans possess no latent talents or powers. Some humans are born with the gift to weave magic, much like the mysterious Orobai, but this is not typical of the race, as humans are not as magically inclined as other, more naturally intune races. Neither are humans as robust as dwarves, or lithe and quick as elves. However, they are very much known to be in almost perfect balance of most traits, and their willpower has always been a force to be reckoned with. They are also some of the most flexible creatures, with tendencies for both extreme kindness, or extreme cruelty.

Culture: Human-kind has been one completely defined by survival. They have managed to thrive in a world almost completely set against them, and have come out as one of the most wide-spread of the races, because of their adaptability. Because of that selfsame adaptability and widespread reach, they have very little unified culture, unlike more homogeneous races, like Elves and Dwarves. In general, the people can be divided into these categories: the more wealthy, merchant-like people of the port city of Rhodiva, the easy-going, down-to-earth people of the hill-city of Salena, and the hardened, careful yet no-nonsense people of the mountainous city of Norasis. Outside of these main cities, though, many of the people are very much alike: simple farmer-folk and townspeople who have little to do with the outside world.

History: The humans of Eascaea have always been fighting for survival. They've spread out over time, and three distinct kingdoms have thus formed, with countless small villages littered about, surrounding the larger towns and cities. The major human cities, in each kingdom, are: Rhodiva, the port city in the southern kingdom of Arcadon; Salena, a city nestled in the hills of the eastern kingdom Indica, and Norasis, the sturdy city in the harsh, mountainous country of Thern. Though they largely keep to themselves, the kingdoms have been known to fight amongst themselves for resources and power, most especially Thern, which is always in desperate need of fertile farmland.

Presently: The humans have begun to feel the sting of the Drow, after the downfall of the Dwarven empire. The kingdom of Thern is especially feeling the affects, so close as they are to the dwarven lands (which keep primarily to the north and east). Now, they are beginning to take the threat of the dark elves seriously, and are looking to stop their advancement into their own kingdoms

Religion: Religion has always been varied through the human realms, though the practice of such religions have dwindled almost to the point of extinction. Traditionally, though, the humans worshiped and invoked a small pantheon of gods and goddesses, though many cities and towns had patron gods which they almost exclusively invoked. In the present day, however, these ancient deities are only remembered by the highly superstitious and in oaths and curses.

Technology: The humans are not as technologically advanced as the dwarves, but they are more so than the Elves or Orobai. They really only rely on the sorts of inventions that make farming easier, and keep invading kingdoms out. Otherwise, they are not as preoccupied with invention as dwarves are.
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